Tuesday, January 18

are we there yet ?

Coldish start to the day, snow on the ground and everything. I would normally be moaning about this state of affairs, but some people genuinely do have it worse. Incidentally, who comes up with these weird names for towns anyway ? Embarass, Minnesota ? But, back in the UK, is summer here yet ? No ? Still not here ? No ? Now ? Is it here now ? No ? Dammit. I'm just going to go back into my shell till the place warms up.

On a slightly more technical note, some educated guesswork about Google page ranking factors. A very interesting read. Unfortunately, it has been compiled by a community known as SEO (Search Engine Optimizers), some of whom are responsible for all the spammy hits on specific keyword searches. Still, if you do want a page to be prominent on Google, some of those are interesting dos and don'ts.

And Och Aye, I knew it. The Scots speak that way to confuse everyone. And they're proud of it.


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