Wednesday, January 26

the more things change ...

It's not enough for some to merely write and use Java, they need to extend it too, the heretics. Fortunately, I needed this myself, so a few days ago, I settled down to evaluate the alternatives. Languages for the VM detail some of the offshoots. My pick for an embedded interpreter is somewhere between a snake and a rhino. Another contender was PNuts, a name driving some to strange looks and choked laughter... for reasons best left undiscovered. At any rate, I need to decide (essentially) between using a scripting language with semicolons as terminators or without... a really difficult choice.

Some know of about:config, the minimalistic configuration interface for Firefox. But did you know of about:kitchensink ? (No, it doesn't exist. Be thankful). about:plugins and about:cache are useful information though.

And finally, a link to a neat site, CleanSoftware, which gives useful information on privacy risks, adware and other nasties found in a lot of Win32 software. I found a potential alternative to Acrobat Reader there.


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