Wednesday, February 2

just a fizzle

No, it wasn't a drill, the alarm went off at flipping 1915 in the evening and forced the occupants of Computer Science to huddle outside in the freezing cold. Thanks a bunch, faulty sensor. Can I sue someone for this ? My fingers froze.

As is pretty much par for the course, I chatted to more people during the fire drill/alarm than I do on any given day of the week... and everyone spent their time swapping anecdotes. According to folklore, the Fire Brigade will in fact charge the University a few hundred quid for their grand entrance on the scene, sirens wailing in the accepted fashion.

And yes, the fire alarms are telepathic. They figure out the coldest night in a while to toss people out of the heating. But the thing is, not everyone takes the fire alarms that seriously. One postdoc today was seen calmly heading out of his office a full 5 minutes after the alarms had started. We're all watching from outside the building as he calmly pulls on gloves, grabs all his bags and heads towards the lobby. Almost as he reaches the building entrance, he turns, dumps his bags on the chairs in the lobby and heads towards (presumably) the mens room. Wailing fire alarms can't thwart the call of nature, can it? And my own internal thought process as I headed down the stairs... should I have saved that file before I scurried out ? ... hmm. Nah. If the building burns, the server is going to be toast anyway


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