Saturday, January 29

surprise surprise

If you link to copyrighted material, you may be fined. Well, if the material is MP3s, anyway... This is in Norway. Odd. Watch where you hyperlink.

And in what has to be a story without peer *cough*, a Slovak man apparently pissed his way out of an avalanche. Beer. It can save lives, you know. Of course, the survivor was later (unsurprisingly) quoted as saying "My kidneys and liver hurt..". At any rate, if this guy truly did manage to drink 60 bottles of beer and stay conscious, he probably deserves a prize ... and a lifetime visitor pass to the Oktoberfest. I'm sure he was relieved that it wasn't something less palatable.

And finally, it seems that vegetarians are relatively safer than others, when it comes to avoiding nasty brain diseases at least. BSE (Mad cow disease) has jumped species.


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