Sunday, January 30


A lot of people have been complaining about the quality of articles on Slashdot. See Anti-Slash for more details. Even with all that, I have to say that the current poll is a work of genius. Notes on the context, there are actually two polls in there instead of one. One poll on the Iraqi election and the other on Superbowl XXXIX to be held a week from now. One comment on the poll also noted that the eagle was the symbol of Saddam's Iraq. Or is it meant to be a symbol of the American troops ?

By the way, I'm rooting for the Eagles. But only because they've not won it before and I think McNabb happens to be better than Brady. Oh, and I always cheer for the team tagged as chokers. And ITV is going to carry the Superbowl live. W00t!

I think I'll stop with the hyperlinks now. *grin*
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