Monday, January 31

armageddon is near

After the widely reported head peddler on eBay, you knew that there'd be more people trying to hoist their body parts on the gravy train. It's happened. A female in Glasgow has offered her tits up for advertising. And the winner is the Golden Palace Casino, with a top bid of .. wait for it ... £422. A point which almost err.. jumps out at one's face is that the said cleavage is measured at an (off the scale) 42GG. Umm. I didn't know a GG existed, godammit. That's practically the size of a billboard hoarding. This, by the way, is the same Golden Palace Casino which bought out an unaccredited tsunami relief site and snapped up the grilled cheese sandwich which looked like a religious icon. Of course, tattoos are old hat to the publicity hungry casino... they tried and failed to get a place on the arm of another man. We've got tattooed tits now. What's next ? ink stains on your butt advertising toilet paper ? piercings to advertise painkillers ?

And in a slightly related note, an article on the spread of obesity ran in the New York Times. For dramatic effect, they photographed a few females on a beach in Brazil. And called them fat Brazilians. Umm. Guess what ? They weren't Brazilian after all. And one of those photographed "says she is outraged that she was depicted as a fat Brazilian. She calls the reporter Rohter and the photographer Maier cretins". No news yet on if she was more annoyed at the mistaken nationality (Czech) or the unfair depiction of a weight problem. She plans to sue. Of course.


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