Tuesday, February 1

better than a kick to the head

Dilbert is not entirely about fictitious characters. Of course, I knew that already, but just in case someone thinks their job sucks... well, read this. Person gets kicked in the head by a donkey. Is pressured into turning up at work and conducting a training course. Gets a "meets expectations" performance review. Now, I don't dispute that this is a rotten piece of luck. But I have to ask... I can't think of many people who would work for Sun Microsystems and also have to list down "getting kicked in the head by donkeys" as an occupational hazard.

This reminds me; my grandma had cows in her estates (about two decades ago). Each of us cousins had a cow of his/her own. Being the absolute youngest in the extended family, I got the cute calf. One of my sisters, I remember, got the mean one. ie: a bad tempered cow that (according to rumour conveniently spread by workers who wanted the noisy kids out of their hair) liked to chomp on stray human body parts. Now, even in the Sri Lanka of 20 years ago, going to school toting an injury and saying a cow bit me is likely to attract some attention. And not the good kind, either. So, how do you recover socially from saying a donkey kicked me in the head in the heart of San Jose, California ? What exactly do you need to do to a donkey to get it to kick you in the head ? Was it a special karateka donkey ? Did it do one of those famed WWE finishing moves ?

On the subject of kicks, one of my sister's friends was captured for posterity being kicked by a baby elephant in Pinnawela. Awesome. We were told (well after the fact) that she was probably between the babe and it's milk bottle. She was unhurt (being laughed at by complete strangers doesn't count) and we got lots of cheap amusement from it. And a priceless picture.

Oh, and things look sorta different around here. I know. I needed to practice CSS layout, so the blogger template was the obvious choice for hackery. As can be observed, I have very little idea about colours. It's almost all black, white or a shade thereof. And there is also enough CSS in this template to feed an elephant for an year. Anyway, if your browser of choice isn't one of this, this or this and the page looks funky, let me know. I think the part between the title and the first post is weirdly spaced on different browsers, but other than that, it should all be good.


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