Saturday, February 26

the dragons win

Or ... the red dragons ate the blue cockerels up. It was a very close match, perhaps a lot closer than the score suggests. And Les Bleus nearly pulled it off. The irony is that in the past two weekends, France played stodgy, ugly rugby and won. This weekend, they played their best in a long while, and they lost. I'm referring to the 6 Nations competition, by the way.

But in something completely unrelated, Wikipedia edified me on the fine distinction between male and female Gryphons. Not that one is likely to run into either gender of that animal, but you know... trivia. And that also led to the origins of a hippogriff. Man. Wikipedia. Is there anything it can't tell you ?

And in more mundane (sort of) news, it seems that Hollywood has queer plans for the Basic Instinct sequel.


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