Monday, February 21

polar bear

Well, how does one react when the first snows of the winter visit you in ... the tail end of February ? With disgust, obviously. York is usually quite cold, but it rarely snows (once every decade or so, there is a multi foot snow event and then everyone panics). Well, this morning, I woke up with this poetic winter wonderland scene. The problem: I needed to trudge several miles in this sludgy, muddy, gooey crap that passes for snow. Not fun.

According to Wilbur Smith folklore, the Bushmen of the Kalahari measure wealth by the amount of fat stored in their buttocks. Well, since I am (by most accounts) a pauper in Kalahari terms, it's fair to say that I really wanted to avoid a two point rump first landing on the icy pavement. So, I had to resort to a ginger, shuffle-trudge instead of the customary brisk pace. Consoled myself with lunch at The Rose and Crown. Which informed me that Australia is a trifling 16776km away, but managed to serve some quite interesting tasting ale.

And in something completely different, since I enabled vi mode on bash, the vim tips have been quite useful.


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