Monday, February 14

conspicuous consumption

Everyone has a different definition of soul food. Does the hamdog fit ? It might. A deep fried beef patty, covered with chili, cheese and onions, on a hoagie bun. And a few sundries on the side. And a fried egg on top. And since digital photography trumps a 45 minute lecture any time, a dissected hamdog. Damn. That looks like a cardiologists' meal ticket, right there. It goes without saying, it also looks delicious.

There is no fun in eating lots of grease without a suitable relish. How about ketchup ? As the article notes, it wasn't always made with tomatoes. Other ingredients (at some point), included lobster, oyster and anchovy. Now a Turkish company has made a culinary breakthrough. The Swedish market got it's first taste of penis ketchup. Unfortunately, the launch was a cock up, because the recipients didn't know about the secret ingredient. In invaluable market research for the source company, it was later ascertained that penis ketchup is not so good on bread rolls. And in a startling turn of events, the Swedish company responsible for distribution is called Axfood. Soylent Red anyone ? The dicks (err.. I meant, the police) are investigating. Makers of this delicacy are unavailable for comment.

In other things that are bloated, Acrobat Reader 7 is probably one of the (many) hamdogs of the computing world. Fortunately, there is also Acrobat Reader Speedup which removes the extra plugins that slow down the reader. Or, you could just poke around the install directory for a directory named "plug_ins" and remove most of files within. I just have Checkers.api, Escript.api, ImageViewer.api, reflow.api, Search5.api, Search.api and weblink.api left (and a few directories). The result: near instantaneous loadup. Of course, people who use AcroForms and the like might need a few more plugins loaded at startup.


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