Monday, February 7

oh the humanity

Ubuntu works. Yay. Well, sorta. No battery support (for some weird reason, ACPI support is rather dodgy on Linux in general. Yes, I am aware of the irony of linking to Microsoft). Which basically means, in layman terms, that I have no way of figuring out when the battery on the laptop is going to die. And there are also rumours that cooling systems go strangely crazy when ACPI support is turned off. Oh, well. Gather ye rosebuds and all that jazz.

In a startling discovery, I realize that Ubuntu does not exactly mirror Debian's packages. They provide their own. So all the fancy Synaptic poking around has to be on customized Ubuntu repositories. Blah. In even worse news, the latest XFCE refuses to run on Ubuntu. Double Blah. Then I discovered Ubuntu Backports, which may help. Or maybe not. Anyway, Gnome isn't that bad.

If none of that made any sense at all, sorry *grin*.


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