Wednesday, February 16

things environmental

A brief scare a bit earlier about the US possibly launching missiles against an Iranian nuclear facility. False alarm though. (MSNBC link). In some ways it would have been history repeating itself. Of course, it could also have been any number of (less disturbing) possibilities, like some trigger happy chap firing a bigass gun in the desert, or the Iranians taking potshots at the US recon drones ... or just giant firecrackers. But US launches missile attack! is a good headline to stir up the masses. I'll refrain from making bad Taco Bell and flatulence related jokes at this point.

And in slightly more mundane news, Kyoto started today. Without the support of the largest CO2 emitter, you'd have to question if it's worth much, but at any rate... it's a first step. I've been hearing arguments for and against all of last week and my position has wavered slightly. I'm no longer convinced Kyoto is enough (for the last few years, I thought it was). Is Kyoto akin to the budget deficit agreements of the single currency EU ? A limp mockery that no one can or even seems bothered enforcing ?

But speaking from a purely "every man for himself and to hell with the lot of you" approach, anything that ups the temperature of the bloody British Isles by a few degrees can't be a bad thing. At least from where I'm standing (-4C and a few degrees windchill added last night).

And in other news that may cause a stir in the immediate environment, a scientist has invented the condom equivalent of Dolby NR. Here's hoping that a bright spark doesn't err.. cause a sizzle. People who need more cowbell should also refrain from using this err.. device. Now, about the songs themselves.. the mind boggles...Let's get it on? Work it? Err.. maybe not this.


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