Friday, February 25


I'm doing a lot of bits and pieces work, mostly tidying up and the blog seems to reflect this. Random, uncoordinated snippets without coherence... Er. Wait. That's the norm around here. Never mind.. anyway, moving right along ... Neal Stephenson had a much quoted work, In the beginning, there was the command line. Now, it's been annotated with more recent developments and made available here.

And in the spirit of other lists that deal with cliches in movies, The Evil Overlord list. Filled with good advice for when my name turns up on the World Domination sweepstakes. Of course, since evil overlords get lots of advice (just like everyone telling millionaires what to do with their money, I suppose), there are two addendums, cellblock A and cellblock B.

And finally, if you thought the Inca ritual of sacrificing the losing team in sports was macabre, then you might not want to play tennis at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Become a bit too enthusiastic about playing back a lob and you'd fall a mere 321m. A rematch is unlikely. In gamerspeak (which I pretend to understand) gg no re thx.


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