Friday, April 1

who ?

I watched the first episode of the latest Doctor Who last weekend. From the ITN screenings in the 80s, I recall a white haired chap with a green telephone booth. Was I oblivious to television ? I think I was. Subsequent revisionist reading brought me up to speed, but I wonder if everyone raving about this in Slashdot belongs to an older generation. I certainly can't remember much beyond the basic plot... What compelled me to watch this first episode was curiosity. The same reason I watched the Charlie's Angels movies. And how well those turned out, huh ?

Been peering at messaging systems recently for some work I've been doing. I've been pointed towards Styx, a very cool looking filesystem abstraction layer. Still need to look at it, of course. Till then, I'm using JMS. Oddly enough, J2EE and it's related bits and pieces are beginning to grow on me a bit. Some of it (I concede this very reluctantly) are beginning to make sense.

And finally, I've been spending a bit of time adding to the Eggcorns database. Interesting, if you're into wordplay and the like ...


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