Tuesday, March 29

if programmers were like seismologists ...

Scientists predicted more earthquakes in Sumatra.

But no one knew when they'd occur. Or indeed, if more will occur after last night. Or why this one didn't cause a tsunami. Yes, there are theories, but no hard evidence. Was this one too deep under the seabed to jolt the water ? Did it occur in an area of greater depth and did the water absorb the energy ? Was it a different type of quake altogether ? A so called subduction quake as opposed to the upthrust type that happened on the 26th of December ? Ask a seismologist that (and several TV channels did) and you'd get the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders. And a weaselly "we need more data to confirm our theory" accompanying a shifty eyed expression.

Compare this with the lot of the mythical programmer.
So, underpaid hireling, when's this project gonna be done ? Two weeks ? What ? You want more ? Ok, make it three. What ? What's that you say ? You don't even know all the requirements yet ? Oh, all right then. A month. How's that ? You can do all this in a month right? You have lots of fancy degrees in Seismology, Geology and OceanographyComputer Science... you should be able to figure it out.

Fire the lot of them, I say*

On a slightly more serious note, does anyone know where I can find reasonably hires maps of the Sumatran region (ie: ones that cover the Indian Ocean) ? They'd need to be public domain/free for non commercial use and drawn/reproduced to some sort of consistent scale. If you know of where I may find some, please leave a comment, thanks. IM or email would work too.

*If you didn't detect sarcasm and/or humour in the above, at least a little bit, then please take several doses of teh funnay and report in for laughter therapy. Your sense of humour will thank you.


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