Wednesday, March 9


I'm spending more time idling around than doing actual work... at least during day time. Which is never a good thing. So I read and bookmarked how to win any argument on the internet. Because I find boredom is easiest relieved by trolling someone. And arguing heatedly without any intention of actually accomplishing anything... beyond expending bandwidth. And no link about arguments would be complete without a (repeated) link to the classic...flame warriors.

There is a story (also recounted in The Pragmatic Programmer) which goes like this ..

"But they say that if you take a frog and drop it into boiling water, it will jump straight back out again. However, if you place the frog in a pan of cold water, then gradually heat it, the frog won't notice the slow increase in temperature and will stay put until cooked."

It's not true. Many frogs the world over croaked at the news.

And if you're feeling upto it, TweakGuide. Their Firefox tweaks are pretty basic, but WinXP tweaks are a nice and basic (if lengthy) introduction. Saves having to buy a book on it, I guess.


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