Sunday, March 6

slightly cynical

Everyone writes about it, everyone recycles the same jokes... but then, if it didn't ring true at times, people wouldn't find it funny, right ? Do clients treat software grunts like this ?. Umm. Yes. Some of the time, anyway.

And more cynicism, you can sell pretty much anything and call it therapeutic. Desperate Housewives. In Japan. And we're not talking about a cliffhanger murder mystery, but real desperation. This quote comes near the end of the article:
the women are given a book containing photos and the personal details of Kim’s volunteers, whom he claims are not gigolos and he emphasised that he earns nothing from anything that happens beyond his clinic’s walls.

And finally, in a game that is tailor made to enhance driving skills, I present Carmageddon in Flash (note: that URL is unlikely to be safe for work).


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