Tuesday, March 1


As far as confessionals go, it's not up there with "Mamma, just killed a man", but nevertheless... I don't know how to tie a tie. *hangs head in shame*. Much to the horror of my dad, who spent at least the last decade trying to teach me; to no avail. Maybe what I need is an infusion of geekiness. How to Tie a Tie perhaps?. And hopefully, not tangle my own fingers in the process. Or emerge from the ordeal with the equivalent of a hangman's noose.

And it appears that all the cloak and dagger stories about spies were true. Or at least, the Soviet spy manual covered the high life, with lots of swank hotel recommendations and the like. That actually got me looking around for the group mentioned, the Rote Kapelle. And the most likely author of the manual, Leopold Trepper.

I've stumbled on Blogsome, a newish service which offers, among other things, a free Wordpress user account. I'm interested. And contemplating folding up tents here. Not that Blogger is bad, it's not. Just that a Wordpress install offers some interesting possibilities. Without the hassle of having to host and manage the darn thing yourself.


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