Wednesday, March 2

the extreme height of irony

Yes, folks, gather round, this is the Mt. Everest of ironies, right here.

Yahoo turns 10 years old.
Offers free ice cream to America.

I read the title, go "Those Americans get all the great deals, dammit".
Visit the birthday page, find a tiny UK flag.

[19:33] thimal: omg omg omg
[19:33] thimal: they offer it in the UK
[19:33] thimal: hold it
[19:33] sage: omg omg omg!
*sage cries
[19:33] sage: this blows

Realize that it is now -5C outside.
[19:33] thimal: screw this for a lark, it's bloody -5C outside
[19:34] thimal: WTF do I need ice cream for ?
[19:34] sage: MAN
[19:34] sage: that doesn't matter!!!
[19:34] sage: get it anyways!!!!
[19:34] sage: and take a pic of it and send to me!!

Drool over Baskin Robbin's flavours.

Get the coupon. Realize that the nearest Baskin Robbins is 4 miles away. It's now 1945. What do you think I did ?
Update [19:50]: As sage notes, I should inform everyone that the offer is only valid for the 2nd of March. ie: today. Dang it.
Update [19:53]:
[19:52] sage: my sis is using my yahoo login to get free ice cream :(
[19:52] sage: my life sucks.


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