Wednesday, March 2

super cow

Miracle pills available. They're made from the panchagavya (hazarding a rough guess at translation, the five facets of a cow), namely butter, milk, curd, urine and dung. The all time classic "product with a potential marketing problem" in that list is cow dung toothpaste. Aah, the thoughts of spreading the processed excreta of your friendly neighbourhood bovine on your teeth and gums. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "I think you've got something trapped between your teeth". And some innocents are still grossed out by the thought of elephant dung paper.

Speaking of elephants, it seems that quite a few of the NFL are overweight. You just couldn't tell, with all the padding on their uniforms.

And in an article that I seriously question, it seems that most people use formal language on IM. Yeah, rite. LOL. WTFBBQ?! OMG u dun no wht u talkin abt.... ! I think I'll stop now.


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