Sunday, March 20

edible things

Bleargh. Busy and probably going to be blogging infrequently till the end of the month. Just a smattering of food related news: like, bananas are good for you... even if it sometimes resembles broiled yeti penis, a delicacy of Tibet, I'm sure.

And has anyone contemplated the oddness of having to boil yams thoroughly because they're poisonous when raw ? It's one of the things that some people do automatically, but to the outsider, it seems just as exotic as eating fugu. Tried explaining the reason behind boiling yams to an uncomprehending Greek and Englishman... But why would you even want to eat that ?.

And kimchi may help with birdflu. I'm not sure about this, but I could joke about the cure being as bad as the disease. But oddly enough, I like kimchi ... or maybe it's only because I've only eaten a slightly less pungent preparation of it.


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