Monday, March 14

mostly fictional

Been busy with odd things like deadlines. Among other things, I've also been spinning a few lines of code into a marketing extravaganza document (some people call this a progress report, but I'm not so sure)

Watched part 1 of Supervolcano last night. It's not a disaster flick yet, but has all the signs of turning into one (Part two is screening tonight). The 3D animation system (codenamed Virgil) was rather nifty looking and a great gimmick for showing the volcanic eruption scenarios. And rather cool, they actually showed the equivalent of a coredump when the doomsday scenario was simulated *grin*. The recycled volcano erupting footage got a bit old after the first few times though. Arma virumque cano

Spent a minute thinking about how cool the BBC is... I've been watching the (slightly slow paced) work on Dirac with a lot of interest and they screen fantastic documentaries. Don't trust them for politics, either UK or elsewhere... but you can't fault the quality of their programming. And most of the stuff is downloadable as well.

Been indulging in some fiction recently.. Read Black Wind which is really a Jerry Springeresque comedy rather than a thriller as it's billed. The main character for the Dirk Pitt series by Clive Cussler is, surprisingly enough, named Dirk Pitt. A swashbuckling outdoorsy James Bond actalike. When the series started, Dirk Pitt was said to be in his 40s. Rather than take the Simpsons route and keep the characters at the same age forever, this most recent installment introduces the son of Dirk Pitt. Also named Dirk Pitt. With an identical appearance, the same job as his father (who is now a faraway figure). Can things get any cornier ? Yes, it seemed they could. The young Dirk Pitt has a fraternal twin sister, apparently. And in a miracle of cloning technology, the young Dirk Pitt talks and acts exactly like his father. Tom Clancy tried this angle in Teeth of the Tiger. Were the critics impressed ? I think not.

Also started on Chainfire, book 9 (!) of the Sword of Truth series. Same-ol same ol. It seems that I seem to read more books out of a need for closure than real entertainment value these days. Dammit.


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