Monday, March 28

Soo-NAH-mee ?

The gods were listening. I swore privately to myself that I wouldn't blog again till the dreaded piece of creative writing was over and done with. Written,
polished, bound and handed in. It would take, I promised myself, an earthshattering event to get me to blog before the 1st of April. Well, screw this for a lark.

8.2 earthquake off Sibolga, Indonesia

Is it possible to sound any more self obsessed than that ? Probably not. So to all those in the danger areas, stay safe, head for the fricking hills, don't stop to admire the nice waves or break out the bloody surfboards. Once is enough for anyone's lifetime, I think.

First it was the day after Christmas, now the day after Easter. Day of a full moon poya, two days after a full moon. Someone up there doesn't seem to like us much, huh ?


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