Thursday, March 24


I am 5482 miles from home, give or take a few, since that database doesn't contain an entry for York. And the closest match is Leeds, which is about 25 miles from here.

And Salem is upto his "see if you can break someone's neck" tricks again. Named after the bewitched feline, this cat is built like a huge, black furred tank. He likes perching on laptop keyboards (the idiot), getting locked in rooms and then meowing plainitively till someone lets him out (the fiend, he times it till everyone goes to sleep before he meows) and tripping yours truly down the stairs. Doubtless, he's in cahoots with injurylawyers4u or something. Why can't he be like the other two and stay the heck out of the way ? At least he's lucky I like cats. My ex-flatmate didn't.

And finally, I installed KUbuntu for a laugh. Nice, shiny KDE 3.4 goodness with Ubuntu under the hood. A bit rough around the edges, but the applications that depend on KDE are so fricking fantastic that they're worth a blog entry on their own... later. After I submit the multiple reports and do the multiple presentations that are due next week.


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