Saturday, April 2


Free time, some boredom, trolling. The climbdown of a deadline adrenaline high and the detox of stress from the body. The usual. I should really find some productive thing to do next and get around to doing it. It's the starting that's the hard part for the moment (insert a cliche about a journey of a thousand miles blah di blah di blah here).

I've committed a mortal sin. Ok, not a mortal sin, but an utter waste of time. I've been arguing on das intarweb again. A very non PC reason for why this is a bad idea can be found here (don't click that if you get easily offended. I warn you).

And, not for the first time, it occured to me. I've gotten back into the habit of setting the bozo bit on people. Arrogant ? Probably. But it does tend to increase the signal to noise ratio in an argument if you can ignore the name callers, the flingers of verbal poo and the just plain silly. That's another reason why I dislike the movement from good old Usenet to these new fangled forums and blogs. Any newsreader worth it's salt has a wonderful device called a kill file. Think someone is an idiot ? plonk him. Problem solved.

Incidentally, C2 (from the article linked above) claims to be the oldest wiki. It has some informative articles, lots of familiar names contribute and even has a very informative section on rolling yer own. I've been reading it on and off for a few years for the pithy quotes and insight. With the recent interest in wikis in certain quarters, it might just be of interest to others.


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