Friday, April 8


BoingBoing reports that a 46 volume compendium of Robert Heinlein novels will be published by Meisha Merlin Publishing. Although I pretty much agree with Cory's view that RAH's later books are rather bad, he left out Starship Troopers, Puppet Masters, Farnham's Freehold and hmmm.. lessee, probably Friday from the list of great Heinlein reads. Come to think of it, the man (Heinlein, not Cory Doctorow) has churned out a huge number of classics, introduced a new word to geekish slang and influenced a new breed of people who mixed political thought with their fictional writing. Not that the last is necessarily a good thing, but anyway, Heinlein is quite worthy of a compendium collection.

As with my present struggles with a complete, inorder reread of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, my read through all of the Heinleins' ever written died of a genre overdose. There is only so much of a single author that can be read over a smallish period of time(like 2-3 months). Like wine, you need to sip rather than gulp down as many books as you can find as fast as you can. I tend to forget this at times; and poison myself against finishing all of a large series or an author. Hmph, well. Maybe the new republished editions will give me some incentive to finish off the Heinlein works. This one for example, is highly regarded and on my list of read-when-free. I do admit that I made the mistake of mixing Robert Heinlein's awesome older books with the more recent, much worse offerings. Since the newer ones bored me almost to tears, I pretty much lost interest midway through the reading.

Returned my borrowed copy of Conquering the command line a few days back. I originally read the book to kickstart my planned move from bash to the far more powerful zsh. Unfortunately, this was not to be, and I ended up using the book as a handy reference to various tips and tricks within bash. Nice. I learnt lots. But I'll probably need to read it again when I get around to moving to the z shell, though.

And I'm thoroughly enjoying reading Maskerade, part of the discworld series. It adds to the hilarity if you know and like the inspiration to the story.


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