Friday, April 15

the hottest TV chicks

From a conversation with Gromo... In no particular order of preference, the top 10 (or however many I can manage) hot TV chicks. Just to play with the heads of anyone who might be looking for these very names. Reverse chronological order, sorta ...
Honourable mentions
  • Elizabeth Harnois - Point Pleasant
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy
  • One of the Charmed people... Alyssa Milano ? Dunno. One of those. *waves hand around vaguely*

And there I have it... I think. A few more (Terri Hatcher ?) were pretty much on the fence, so they didn't make the cut, so to speak. And some people (Monica Belucci, for instance) haven't made a significant appearance on TV. I believe the point of this exercise was to prove that I obviously thought more than that were definitely cute, but recalling them isn't easy*. Amen to that. Any more ? I'll probably agonize over this for the next few days.

update a: One of many updates to follow, possibly. the Regster reminds me of Ms Thiessen. I went ahead and put Jennie Garth in that list too. Always thought she was the hawtness. Hmm, The Gilmore Girls duo get no more than a honourable mention, I think.
* I dont know why the conversation wandered into this tangent. Ask Gromo.


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