Wednesday, April 20

killer quote

Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity.
--Friedrich Nietzsche

I'll freely admit that there are those (yes, I'm referring to myself, I think) who strive for clarity but the twisted workings of their minds seem to make the words come out all garbled. Or maybe it's their complete lack of lucid thoughts to begin. There I go again. What I'm trying to say is that it's all too easy for me to unintentionally be about as clear as a puddle of mud stirred with a stick. Profundity is very much a hit or miss affair.

And with that quote, which I had not seen before, Neitzsche just boosted himself to equal footing with Voltaire. Because we all know that a witty saying proves nothing.

And in other news, the biggest darn icefloat on the planet crashed into a stationary object. Picture here. No casualties were reported; and the driver of B15A got off without losing any points off his license. The makers of Smirnoff Ice were unavailable for comment. Even the BBC reported on this story here and used the word "tongue" in a most disturbing fashion. Some protestors also used this event to bemoan the lack of justice and the leniency of driving laws in their region. The care police are investigating.


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