Friday, April 22

the gap

Went all the way to the Gap of Rohan only to find there is no Gap in Rohan. Not even a Banana Republic. False advertising!
The very secret diary of Arwen Undomiel

It's a bit of a sobering transition to go from mocking the old farts to being one of them. I don't have a problem with growing old (can you even call a not quite 30 year old old ?). "Hey, I'm young. What do I know ?" is one of the excuses that no longer seems to fly with anyone. What brought the onset of years home (not for the first time) was the quick scan through an entry which appeared in my RSS reader*. Someone bitching about O/Ls. Dear god.

I can remember the bare details, but that's it. Through the fuzzy, romanticized and selective memories of the past, I just remember knowing exactly which subjects I'd screw up... and which I wouldn't. Which ones I'd need to cram for like a mofo and which ones I'd just give up and not even bother. I remember the desperation and thinking "why the fsck do I need to study this shit ? I don't believe it and I don't need it and sure as hell I'm not going to use any of this horse poo ever again". Yes, I was much given to pointless railing at things I couldn't change. That much, at least, still remains. And in the end, what did it matter ? In the grand scheme of things, not very much at all. Not the pointless railing and certainly not the exam or it's results. But those things are only learnt with the benefit of hindsight.

Oh and I fully look forward to constant use of phrases like kids these days, I tell you and oh, you young whippersnapper, in my day we would ... and the evergreen what the bleep do you mean it costs THAT much ? Man, are prices rising or what ?.

Crap, I sound like my long dead grandparents now. That can't be a good thing. And this sounds like one of those closing monologues from Desperate Housewives. Crap.
* Quick plug: if you're on any sort of Loonix or Unixish OS and you're running KDE, you owe yourself a look at Akregator, a very very nice RSS reader. They really did hit the usability sweet spot for me. And the integration with Konqueror is a dream. Exactly what all the Windows based RSS readers offer with IE, except that in this case, you're pretty sure you won't get 0wnz0red by clicking on a stray link. Oooh, and tabs. And you can click on any tab and "detach" it into a new browser instance. Shiny.


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